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2018’s New Pest Plus Plan!

Green Frog’s Pest Plus is our newest service. Instead of just treating around your home or business, we treat the exterior of your home, perimeter of your yard, bushes and trees throughout your yard. When Green Frog treats these areas bi-monthly they are able to control more pests, such as spiders, roaches, ants, wasps, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, fire […]

It takes a Joint Effort to Effectively Control the Zika Carrying Mosquito!

Without the public’s help, the Ades aegypti mosquito will not be controlled effectively. The reason is that the Ades aegypti are container breeders that tend to live near humans. Females lay eggs in small amounts of water (bottles, cans, rain gutters, old tires, etc.) that can be found nearly everywhere in countries where it tends to […]

Termites will be Swarming soon in Baxley, Hazlehurst and Jesup!

With the weather warming, the termites will be swarming! If you see something that looks like flying ants in large numbers, it’s more than likely a termite swarm! Subterranean termites will definitely be most active in warm weather, swarming in the spring or at any point in time where rain warms the soil and moistens […]

The Truth About Termite Baiting in Appling, Jeff Davis and Wayne County

Termites are Smart. Termites have survived since the days of the dinosaurs. The queen and king produce a steady stream of offspring. Workers find food sources and bring it back to the rest of the colony. Soldiers defend the colony. Reproductives create new colony members and swarmers leave the colony to begin new ones. To keep things […]

Zika Virus in Appling, Jeff Davis and Wayne counties?

Soon, people in Appling, Jeff Davis and Wayne counties will start using their yards more. And as they do, Green Frog Pest Solutions will start to get calls for Mosquito Control Service. This year, over the past few days, the news has been filled with stories of the rapid spread of the mosquito borne Zika […]

What is the big deal about the Sentricon system?

Let’s face it, when people start talking about their jobs things can get tense. If we are not familiar with the field confusion quickly sets in and our minds start to wander. For most of us hearing a name like Sentricon is kinda like speaking to someone in Russian (if you know Russian you are […]

The Weather is Changing: Are You Ready?

It is a great time of the year. We find ourselves outside more than ever. Watching high school football, carving pumpkins, tailgating, and raking fallen leaves become ever increasing parts of our lives as we move from summer to fall towards winter. Another difficulty associated with seasonal change is the movement of pests. We have […]

Green Frog becomes ‘Certified Sentricon Specialists’

Green Frog Pest Solutions has recently joined a select group of pest management companies authorized to provide consumers with the No. 1 brand in termite protection – the SENTRICON Termite Colony Elimination System. To become Certified SENTRICON Specialists, a qualifying company is required to complete comprehensive and ongoing training, use state of the art data […]

Brand New 24 hour Free Recorded Message

We have recently added a brand new 24 hour FREE RECORDED MESSAGE: 1-855-WE 8 BUGS Call this 24 hour Hot-Line and learn valuable information like: “9 questions you should ask before inviting any pest control company into your home” “How to choose the right Termite and Pest Control Company” “4 Homeowner mistakes to avoid” And […]

Tips on Controlling Fire Ants from Green Frog Pest Solutions Pest Control Service in Hazlehurst, Jesup, Douglas, and Baxley Georgia

There are three species of fire ants found in Georgia: the Southern fire ant (Solenopsis exloni), the tropical fire ant (Solenopsis geminata), and the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta). The red imported fire ant, though not native to Georgia, is by far the most common and the most aggressive fire ant found in the […]