How to Prevent and Eliminate bed bugs in Hazlehurst, Jesup, Douglas, or Baxley Georgia; from Green Frog Pest Solutions Pest Control Company


There is no scientific proof (yet) that bed bugs can spread pathogens to humans, but their bites can affect one’s quality of life. No one likes the idea of getting into a cozy, clean, warm bed with hideous vermin. Some people may even experience insomnia, anxiety, or depression due to the presence of bed bugs. Someone with a bed bug infestation can also suffer from isolation and loneliness, perhaps because of fear of transmitting the bed bugs to others.

Bed bugs, particularly female ones, move from room to room in a home through walls, ceilings, phone and cable wires, etc. In apartments, the problem can be especially annoying, because the bugs can move from apartment to apartment. Bed bugs can also “hitchhike” by clinging onto clothes, mattresses, luggage, and so forth. They don’t actually jump or fly, but they can crawl quite speedily.

If you travel, there are certain methods which you can employ to prevent spreading bed bugs to others. In order to help avoid spreading bed bugs, make sure to inspect suitcases using a flashlight, magnifying glass, and business card or nail file. Use the card or file to pass through crevices on the suitcase. The suitcase can be put inside of a commercial dryer for an hour or so to kill bed bugs, or the suitcase can be frozen for the same purpose.

If you have had a problem with bed bugs on clothing, wear new or heat treated light colored clothing (it makes it easier to spot the bugs). If you encounter bugs or their eggs on shoes, spray the area with isopropyl alcohol (spray the bugs directly), and use a handy wipe for disposal. If your bed bug problem is serious, call a professional exterminator like us at Green Frog Pest Solutions pest control company in Hazlehurst, Jesup, Douglas, or Baxley Georgia. There are special chemical or heat treatments that professionals use to eradicate bed bug colonies.