Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Deal with bed Bugs by Education. People who live in Southeast Georgia have a ready resource in GREEN FROG PEST SOLUTIONS.

As you may know, bed bug infestations are challenging people in all kinds of residences. Besides, sucking blood from their victims, they leave unsightly fecal matters and shed skins in bed associated parts, cracks, crevices, voids, folded places, as well as in every imaginable places of their hidden spaces. Furthermore, they are known to cause extreme anxiety to vulnerable individuals by turning their lives into nightmares.

Many people have become paranoid and afraid of bed bugs to the extent that they are experienced anxiety and a poor quality of lifeclip_image001. This leads to the development of unnecessary phobia, which makes them spend lots of money on unneeded measures. Sometimes people buy unproven pesticides, especially via the Internet and treat their mattresses and beds assuming that this action will eliminate bed bugs for good and at all. Guess what is going to happen. Well, they will develop allergic rashes from exposure to pesticide/ chemicals, which they will blame it on the bed bugs. However, do not panic, but do not chill out either. The best way to manage bed bugs is by education. Learn from credible resources about these bloodsuckers. Try to know what bed bugs look like (all life stages), their behaviors, habits, and biology. Be informed that not every bite is related to bed bugs; other bugs, such as fleas, ticks, spiders, etc may also bite humans or their pets. Additionally, food allergic reactions can be also mistaken for bed bug bites. Still, never ignore any bite. Remember, the sooner you deal with bed bugs the better off overall bed bug control would be.

One of the major concerns of bed bug infestations is their capability to spread. As you may have heard, bed bugs are skilled hitchhikers on clothing, furniture, suitcases, seats of public transportation means, etc. Again, knowing about bed bugs and their habits will minimize the risk of their spread from one area to another, which is key to a successful bed bug management/eradication.

Finally, bed bugs are resilient pests, for this reason, their management may require the employment of both non-chemical (such as heat treatment) and chemical pest management tactics, especially if all non-chemical methods prove insufficient to solve a bed bug problem. Follow up treatment evaluation by GREEN FROG PEST SOLUTIONS is highly recommended to ensure that the bed bugs have been eliminated. Be alert by raising awareness via means of education on prevention of bed bugs.