Asian Cockroaches Invade Hazlehurst, Jesup, Douglas, Baxley, and Southern Georgia

asianCockroach1First Identified as a newly introduced species near Lakeland, FL., in 1986, the Asian cockroach, a native of Japan, has spread to infest much of central and south Florida, portions of southern Georgia, southwestern Alabama and Charleston County, South Carolina.

Similar in appearance to the common indoor German cockroach, the habitat and behavior of the Asian cockroach differs markedly from its domestic cousin. Asian cockroaches are both feral and peridomestic. That is, they can live outdoors away from human habitation, but are also found in and around human dwellings. “Asian cockroaches prefer outdoor areas that are shaded and covered with leaf litter, grass or pinestraw” explains Kevin Lewis of Green Frog Pest Solutions. German cockroaches, which are almost never found outdoors, prefer indoor cracks, crevices and clutter usually associated with moisture in places such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Perhaps the most troublesome difference for homeowners between German and Asian cockroaches is that while the German cockroach is unable to fly, the Asian cockroach is an excellent flyer. Asian cockroaches typically are most active during the first hour after sunset. Their frenzy of activity begins on the ground in the grass and plant duff, with roaches scurrying around and climbing to the tips of blades of grass and leaves of plants and weeds. The adults then take flight and are attracted to bright lights on porches, lights in windows and the lighted walls of commercial buildings. Some of the cockroaches will find their way into homes and businesses.

It is reported that the Asian cockroach can achieve population densities of 30,000 to 250,000 cockroaches per acre. This, and the fact that the Asian cockroach can fly up to 120 feet in a single flight, means the possibility exists that cockroaches can invade or infest from adjacent properties. While most insecticides are affective against the Asian cockroach, its outdoor habitat, ability to fly and high reproductive potential will make it a difficult pest to manage.

If you happen to see flying roaches in or around your home or business, your best bet is to call a licensed and trained pest management company, like Green Frog Pest Solutions, who can inspect your property and prescribe the proper treatment.

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