Black Ants Cause Pest Control Problems of Plague Proportions in Hazlehurst, Jesup, Douglas, and Baxley Georgia


Residents are complaining in Southeast Georgia that their kitchens are being over-run with tiny pest invaders, as the wet and warm weather continues to encourage black ant activity. In fact, Green Frog Pest Solutions pest control company in Hazlehurst, Jesup, Douglas, or Baxley Georgia is reporting that ant-eradication jobs, are being scheduled in “plague proportions“.

Every single house can have an ant problem, but luckily they don’t do any structural damage, they’re just a bit of a nuisance;” said one of our Green Frog Pest Solutions  pest management experts.

Local exterminators are warning that a pest control problem can develop, if property owners do not trim their bushes, trees and shrubs, or their fence is too close to a structure. These two factors can encourage an ant invasion, by providing a bridge that can allow insect invaders, to enter a home or building.

So far, the most efficient insect control method for treating the ants, is a chemical that contains a transfer substance. Ideally, the ant invaders, will pass the chemical among the colony, and eventually lead back to the queen; causing her death when she comes into contact with it.

*Little black ants, although an unwelcome presence in homes, are harmless to humans.
*Black ants likewise nest outside, but they are also live in houses and buildings.
*The black ant is related to the Pharaoh ant, which makes its home throughout the United States.
*Black ants can be found in diverse places such as underneath tree bark and in sprinkler heads.

Industrial and commercial sites especially need to make sure these ants don’t get in to sensitive machinery. Good housekeeping can help to not attract them to food and water sources and calling Green Frog Pest Solutions pest control company in Hazlehurst, Jesup, Douglas, or Baxley Georgia at the first sign of them can prevent problems down the road.

Ants can number in the thousands if left unchecked and can be a real nuisance to pets and people. You can rely on Green Frog Pest Solutions to quickly and effectively take care of the ant problem for you in your Hazlehurst, Jesup, Douglas, and Baxley Georgia home or business.