Time To Call Green Frog Pest Solutions in Baxley, Ga to Get Rid of Those Pesky Critters

peskycritterCritters (those other than bugs), decide to make your home theirs for a variety of reasons. The place they’ve found is cool/dry/warm/sheltered, different from the outside. The problem is, they don’t pay rent, don’t help clean and they make a mess that could be unhealthy.

There are things you can do yourself to prevent them from getting in. Once in, you may be able to safely remove them. Then again, depending on the critter, you may need a professional from Green Frog Pest Solutions in Baxley, Ga.

To keep out deer:

The jury’s still out on this one. Deer are clever creatures, and they’ll munch just about anything. Sweet, tender juicy plants are high on their list, but in a drought, they’re not picky. Just remember, this isn’t Bambi- males are aggressive, and their antlers can cause injury or death.

Deer fencing, chicken wire and dozens of sprays, granules and other remedies abound. Keep trying one after another until you find one that works on the deer in your area. This is not "one size fits all."

Squirrels, Rats, Opossums and other rodents

Once they get in, they set up shop. Rats can squeeze their bodies through holes as small as a dime. Squirrels chew holes in any MDF, wood, or find a weakness in a soffit and go for it.

Start by sealing every nook and cranny you can find with new wood, hardware cloth or steel wool. They hate trying to chew through it. Leave an opening so they can escape.

Mice carry and spread hanta virus, which kills on in three people. Wear dust mask, gloves and goggles when cleaning up the droppings with straight Clorox. Use kill traps and keep pets away from them. Dispose of the animal’s carcasses in plastic bags in the trash pick up.

Scorpions, Poisonous Spiders, Wasps, Bees

Scorpions and spiders are looking for a moist safe environment. Don’t give them one. Fix all water leaks inside the walls. If you have a wood pile, stack it away from the house and walk a few feet to get a log.

Keep a vigilant eye out for wasps, and have a 20-foot sprayer handy. I make sure I have wasp spray every spring. As soon as I notice a hive, I spray.

Ordinarily, honeybees aren’t a problem- until they’ve made your attic or walls their home. Call a pro on this one.

Bobcats, Coyotes and larger pests

With more people building in wildlife areas, this really isn’t as unusual as it sounds. Barns, old houses, any place the animal can use as a safe haven it will.

Let a pro handle these creatures so they can be captured and relocated.

Time to call Green Frog Pest Solutions :

Large nest of poisonous spiders– a can of bug spray can scatter them, leaving them to set up new shops in your home. The pro can get rid of them once and for all.

Bats– in some states, it’s illegal to poison or harm these most useful and misunderstood creatures. Still, it’s spooky to see them flying around, and their guano isn’t healthy. The pro can set up special nets and one-way doors that allow them to escape and not return. Once gone, the pro will help seal entrances so they can’t get in again. Never, never ever pick up a sick or injured-looking bat. If it bites, you’ll be in for rabies shots. They are definite carriers. Do not allow your pets around them, even if they’ve had vaccinations.

Bear– naturally. It’s not like the late John Candy’s movie, and it’s not Yogi- bears have no sense of humor, and most aren’t timid. Call a pro- don’t face it yourself.

Rattlesnakes or other snakes– if you don’t know that a snake is poisonous, don’t try to catch/handle it.

Raccoons– they aren’t the Disney creatures- they’re as dangerous, if not more so than a bear. Think of a moving set of razor blades with a brain.

Bees– You’ll know in an instant if they’re Africanized, or killer bees. They really do kill people. They’ll attack in an instant, and they all attack at once. Run- keep running- they’ll follow you for up to a quarter mile. Protect your eyes, nose and mouth as best you can and get indoors as fast as possible. Call 911 and seek medical attention. One bee sting may not be a problem, but hundreds are. Let the dispatcher know where the bees are so the fire department can take control of the scene.

Alligators– yup. Leave a door open in the right part of the country and they’ll come right in without ringing the doorbell. Don’t feed them, even to try to entice them to go outside. Grab the kids, pets and get out. Get to a phone and call animal control.

Skunks– Not just the spray, but they do bite and can carry rabies. Let the pro handle this. He/she can also recommend the best ways to clean up the area, and what to do to prevent another from taking up residence.