How Our Programs Work

Initial Visit:

Our control programs begin with a complete and thorough inspection of your property by a GreenGuard certified pest professional. Pest nesting sites and active harborages will be identified and treated. Areas that are vulnerable to pest entry will also be identified and treated. Having the knowledge and the expertise to identify and control a wide variety of pests, our professionals will design a customized quarterly protection plan to control your pests year-round.

Identify Your Pest Problem:

Pests can be a serious risk to your family’s home regardless of how new or clean your home is. There is an army of intruders just waiting for a chance to get inside. Pests like to be indoors for the same reasons you do – food, water, warmth and shelter – and they can enter in a number of ways. These unwelcome invaders can cause physical damage to your home, but even worse, they can spread germs, irritate allergies and make your family and pets uncomfortable.

Thorough & Convenient Quarterly Seasonal Maintenance:

After your initial service, Green Frog Pest Solutions will continue to protect your home on a quarterly basis. With our ZEROPEST GUARANTEE if pests return, we’ll return for FREE! These exterior treatments ensure our customers convenience, as they don’t need to be home while we work.