It takes a Joint Effort to Effectively Control the Zika Carrying Mosquito!

Without the public’s help, the Ades aegypti mosquito will not be controlled effectively.

The reason is that the Ades aegypti are container breeders that tend to live near humans. Females lay eggs in small amounts of water (bottles, cans, rain gutters, old tires, etc.) that can be found nearly everywhere in countries where it tends to rain a lot. Furthermore, they prefer to feed on humans more than other mammals, and they will bite multiple times during the day and the night, making them more likely to transmit virus. The experts believe that a public education campaign is needed, one that would make people understand that it is not OK to leave standing water in their yards – just as they have learned that it’s not OK to drive while drunk or to smoke cigarettes in restaurants.

As PMP’s (Pest Management Professionals), part of our job is to educate and work with our clients to correct   conducive conditions such as low-lying areas, buckets, planters, old tires, gutters and shaded areas that have a tendency to hold moisture.

For more information on mosquito management, please contact our Mosquito Management Specialist, Terry Reagin, at 912-309-0041.

Kevin Lewis, PMP