Jesup and Wayne County

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Seventy years after General James Oglethorpe settled the colony of Georgia and 27 years after that colony became one of the 13 original states, Wayne County came into being. It was created by an Act of the Legislature in 1803 after the Wilkinson Treaty was signed with the Creek Indians on January 16, 1802, which ceded part of the Tallassee Country and part of the lands within the forks of the Oconee and Ocmulgee Rivers to the United States. It was found that under the head right system more land was given away than actually existed and this was the case for Wayne County. Although created in 1803, no valid lottery was done for the county until the Land Lottery Act of 1805. The area was not a popular one for lottery draws as the straws were drawn sight unseen and the winner was as likely to draw swampland as he was prime agricultural lots.

The county was named for Mad Anthony Wayne whose military career had made him a well known hero. When he surprised the British garrison at Stony Point on July 15, 1779, he acquired the nickname “Mad” Anthony. From one siege to another, he was a vital member of General George Washington’s staff serving well under General Nathanael Greene and coming to Georgia in 1781 in his service during the American Revolution Although.

Though there is some doubt about whom the City of Jesup is named for, there is no doubt it became Jesup on October 24, 1870. Ambling along as Station Number 6 on the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad, the town grew.

Although not formally incorporated until 1907, the cities of Screven and Odum are also historic railroad towns.

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 648.80 square miles (1,680.4 km), of which 644.66 square miles (1,669.7 km) (or 99.36%) is land and 4.13 square miles (10.7 km) (or 0.64%) is water.