What is the big deal about the Sentricon system?

Let’s face it, when people start talking about their jobs things can get tense. If we are not familiar with the field confusion quickly sets in and our minds start to wander. For most of us hearing a name like Sentricon is kinda like speaking to someone in Russian (if you know Russian you are all set, but if not there is no way to communicate).

So what is the big deal about the Sentricon system? 

It all comes down to how big a deal you think termites are. A termite is shy little bug that loves to devour the wood that your house is made of. In other words, if you want your house to stay strong and intact either as an investment or a family heritage you want to keep it termite free. Termites are rarely visible unless you know the signs. You can check out common info about termites, and learn the signs of termites, click HERE.

Termites are a big deal. They literally eat people out of house and home. Therefore preventing and eliminating termites has to be a priority for all homeowners. There are variety of ways to get rid of termites, but the best way to get rid of termites is the Sentricon system. Other methods can include drilling holes in the foundation of the infested home and pumping gallons of pesticide into the ground to kill the colony. Sentricon on the other hand lures the termites to eat the chemicals, which inhibits the termites’ ability to eat, survive, and breed. The workers then take the chemicals back to the colony and the queen.

Here is the cool part of the Sentricon system: the termites prefer the taste of the Sentricon over the taste of the wood in your home!! This system is the most effective termite elimination product on the market.

Is Sentricon Safe?

Often times we come across products that seem to be too good to be true (and to be honest many times they are–see all those made for TV products), and we are not sure if we can trust them. Sentricon is amazing at taking out the termite problem, but we have families, pets, and guests to think about. Sentricon is a green product that has been recognized by the EPA because it does not contain harmful or hazardous substances.

The only way to get Sentricon installed at your home or business is to call a Sentricon certified pest control professional like Green Frog Pest Solutions. Green Frog is passionate about eliminating pests from your home or business and offers a ZEROPest guarantee!!

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